Our dental product recommendations

*Obligatory disclaimer: we have no stake, ownership, or profit off of these products.  We just want you to have the best defense to keep your mouth healthy!


We are big proponents of electric toothbrushes.  We know they can be quite expensive, though.  It is proven that electric brushes do a better job at removing plague compared to a manual (non-electric) toothbrush.  If purchasing a good electric can save you from getting one cavity or one deep cleaning, it essentially has paid for itself, not to mention, it prevented you from needing additional dental work.

Now, hopefully, you are convinced that an electric toothbrush is best for you, but now which one??  Honestly, between Oral B and Philips Sonicare, you can't go wrong.  There are a lot of new brushes, but we would recommend staying away from those until they are a little more proven.  


Whichever brush you choose, the #1 rule for using an electric brush is NO SCRUBBING!  Just move the brush around the teeth and let the brush do the work.  The movement of the brush head, combined with scrubbing can be VERY DAMAGING to both the teeth and gum tissue.

For the Sonicare line, we recommend the DiamondClean line.  The ProtectiveClean line is a little less expensive, and not quite as powerful, but still a good option.  The newest DiamonClean Smart has some pretty cool technology features to help you get the best clean possible.  Of course, that one is the most expensive.  A lot of times, we will recommend Costco's double pack of the DiamondClean as the best deal.  Only need one?  Find a friend and bring them along to good side of better oral health!



As for Oral B, they have a great brush and we recommend at least the Pro 3000 model.  Again, the lower end models are still better than a non-electric brush, but you do see improved hygiene and plague control with the higher end models.  


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